Oracle Explains the Damage done by Chemtrails

Question: People have spoken of them as being a danger to life on the planet, that they are particles of barium, strontium, aluminum, fluoride and other toxins, that are being deposited in the Earth's atmosphere, getting into our crops and our water supply. Is this poisoning of the planet irreversible?



Answer: It is not irreversible! It can be corrected. The balance of Mother Earth, the pH balance, can be restored. The ultimate reason for this crop dusting of the planet with these toxic materials is to shift the pH balance of the soil from a more alkaline soil to acidic. Monsanto has already developed alternative seeds that will only grow in acidic soil, thus giving the Powers that be, through Monsanto, the tools to control and manipulate the food supply. This is the primary purpose for chemtrails and their results. A secondary purpose is to create illness and disease, not only amongst humans, but also amongst animals, trees, and all that experience these toxic elements. 



The problem for the Powers That Be is that they have reached a stage where they are no longer certain of what they truly can accomplish. They are taking a chance in assuming they will continue to be in positions of control and are working with projected timelines of possibilities for this to be so. In these timelines it is still part of their plan to seriously compromise the planet and all levels of life, to reduce human population so they will not have to deal with what they consider an over-populated planet. While it seems that the consequences of seeding of the skies and poisoning the ground are irreversible, this is not so, and especially no so if one moves their imagination into alternative timeline frequencies where such matters do not come to fruition, where there is reversal of that damage that had so far been done, that a healthy and vibrant Mother Earth re-emerges. 


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