What is Energy Medicine?

It is in, surrounds and a part of every living thing on earth.  It is the life force that brings life to all things. Without energy, we would not be alive.  They say that we immediately lose 28 grams of weight when we die.  This is our life force (or spirit) leaving our bodies.


To understand energy medicine is to understand how energy works.  Energy likes to move, it is not static, but dynamic.  It is always changing and it needs space and time to move.  Energy also likes to run in patterns, especially circles, waves, spirals and cross-over patterns like the figure 8.  When energy is moving freely and in smooth circular patterns, we feel happy, healthy, vibrant and full of divine joy.  Our bioenergy systems are in balance and in a state of well-being.


However, your bioenergy balance can be thrown off by stress, trauma, or just plan ol’ bad habits.  Stress is caused by the lack of space and time.  When our time or space becomes compressed, energy cannot move.  It plays out in our emotional body as anxiety, depression, fear, anger, grief or worry.  It plays out in our physical body as acute pain, heat or inflammation. Chronic stress happens when we harbor a memory of a past trauma. We carry that negative energy pattern in our energetic body.


When negative energy patterns continue for long enough, they form blocks and imbalances, causing pain, illness and chronic disease.  Our emotional wellbeing is jeopardized and feelings of fear, anger or depression take over.  We may even lose our sense of connection to ourselves, our relationships and to the divine spirit.


This is where energy medicine steps in. Energy blocks and imbalances are identified and tracked throughout our bioenergetic systems.  It is imperative to keep energetic pathways free and clear, to keep us healthy.  Through our exclusive Energy Pendant you’ll be able to re-pattern and clear these blockages, restoring vitality, emotional happiness and spiritual connection. Try it we Guarantee!

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