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The key to a healthy body, good mental health, and overall healthy living is tied to the frequency or Energy that our bodies operate at. Research has shown time and time again that the higher the frequency or energy of our body, the less of a chance bacteria, viruses, and disease in general has to take hold and completely ravish us. 


A healthy body should have a frequency (or energy) somewhere between 62 and 78MHz, if it drops lower than this then the chances of a disease are increased. For example; disease has been known to spread quite rapidly in bodies which are roughly 58Hz in frequency. Mental health issues can start at roughly the same time.


You are on this planet to evolve your soul in your ability to love and to fully manifest the gifts you have been given. This is the soul’s journey. Your soul, and everyone’s soul knows this, and if you open and look deep inside, you will remember that this is why you came here. But because of society in general your surroundings have suppressed this ability you have to connect with your being so, you were left lost and confused like a ship without a rudder. Be lost no more because Geniusmind LLC, is here to offer help.

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