Raw Honey (Wild Flower)
Raw Honey (Wild Flower)
Raw Honey (Wild Flower)
Raw Honey (Wild Flower)
Raw Honey (Wild Flower)

Raw Honey (Wild Flower)

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Extracted following pollination of springtime orange blossoms in Southern California, our orange blossom honey brings a subtly sweet and citrus flavor. Smooth and light in color, this honey is best paired with tea or used as a natural sweetener.

The honey is all-natural and raw and never heated or filtered. Our honey is all-natural and raw. Please keep at room temperature. If crystallization/granulation is observed, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water for twenty minutes to re-liquefy.


Made in United States of America 


About Massey Honey Co.

Massey Honey Co. began as an endeavor to rescue hives to aid with the bee shortage epidemic. Over the years, continued rescuing of hives and partnerships with local cities led to the production of our first two varieties from Southern California: wildflower and orange blossom honey. We continue to grow our hives to produce a number of other varieties throughout Californium. All of our apiaries are kept in exclusively organic landscapes while our bees are maintained in an ethical and sustainable manner. We remain family owned and operated to this day, managing all our beehives throughout California. Our raw honey is untreated, unheated, and all natural. Our honey varieties carry a range of distinctive tastes, drawing on the natural blooms of various seasonal flower sources. Each jar of honey purchased directly supports our efforts in honey bee sustainability and community education through good beekeeping practices and beehive rescues. We offer the following varieties of raw honey: wildflower, orange blossom, avocado blossom, blackberry, raspberry, sage, buckwheat, and eucalyptus.