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Inspirational Wish Stone-Gemstone

Inspirational Wish Stone-Gemstone

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These inspirational wish stones are a great way to carry your energy and your mantra.

  • They are polished and flatted to fit your pocket or purse.
  • All lettering is written either gold or black on the real gemstones. 
  • You can spread positivity and inspiration to others as well. 

This is a perfect gift for someone who needs that extra boost of motivation in their day!

These are Polished Assortment of Gemstones with positively written mantras on them.

 Experience the uplifting power of Inspirational Wish Stones.

Each polished gemstone in this assortment features a unique mantra, written in bold gold or black lettering. Carry them in your pocket or purse for a daily dose of encouragement and motivation.

A perfect gift for yourself or anyone in need of a boost in their day!


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