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Matte Agate and Hematite Beaded Bracelet Set

Matte Agate and Hematite Beaded Bracelet Set

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This bracelet set features a combination of matte agate and hematite beads, creating a stylish and versatile accessory. The matte agate beads offer a smooth and modern look, while the hematite beads add a touch of sophistication. Together, they create a balanced and eye-catching design perfect for any occasion.

  • The stones on the bracelet have a width of 8mm.Each bracelet has a length of 8 inches, with an inner circumference of 7 inches.
  • The bracelets can be worn together or paired with other accessories to give your wrist a stylish layered look.

Make yourself distinguishable with this beaded bracelet two pack. The natural stone beaded bracelet has matte agate stones paired with color plated hematite beads. Add some class to your outfit with this two pack set of beaded bracelets featuring natural stone matte agate and color plated hematite beads.

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